Flavored Water: Lime & Mint

minze limette drink

Yaaaay for water! Personally it’s my favorite drink and I know at first it sounds incredibly boring. But trust me once you try it with different fruits and spices it’ll turn into something exciting; just like this one! Plus the ice makes it great for summer. Aaaaand it’s filled with lots of vitamin c, essential oils, minerals, vitamin a and vitamin e!


What you need:

0,5 l Wasser
1 Limette
3-5 Minzblätter
0.5 l of Water
Ice Cubes
1 Lime
3-5 Mint Leaves


Zerkleinere die Minzblätter, presse die Limette aus und gebe das dann mit den Eiswürfeln ins Wasser.

Reduce the mint leaves to small pieces and squeeze out the juice of the lime. Add both + ice cubes to the water.


Much love,