Easy Waffles

healthy waffles

This breakfast guarantees the perfect start for a happy day! I mean come on- who doesn’t love waffles in the morning?! Especially if they are super delicious, ridiculously easy to make & healthy as well.

1 Banana (the riper the better!)
1 cup of Oats
1/2 cup of Rice Milk (or any other plant based milk)

For the toppings
Maple syrup or Agave syrup
Rasp- & Blueberries (frozen)

Start of by blending your oats for a few seconds until they’re turning into flour. Afterwards blend the banana & milk. Mix the three ingredients together & pour them onto a hot waffle maker.
For serving: I personally love adding some extra sweetness & fruit to it, but of course you can choose any toppings you’d like to.

Enjoy hot! (:

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