I feel so happy & free at the moment!
But to be honest the last few weeks have been a little rough – I had to deal with a huge downside of my plant-based lifestyle: Other people’s acceptance. People I used to call my friends.
Becoming vegan was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, but somehow some of my “friends” started give me the feeling that it was absolutely wrong. They didn’t accept what I was doing & how I was thinking. I didn’t even get any chance to explain why I chose that lifestyle… Instead they made me feel lonely.

Honestly, I never tried to change anyone because in my opinion it’s everyone’s own decision on how to live. But I always respected other people’s way of thinking. Especially in a friendship you should accept each other.
You should inspire each other, share special moments & thinkings. Try to understand each other even if you don’t agree with everything…

It took a while for me to realize that this downside was actually something really good:
It showed me that the people who made me feel bad about my biggest passion aren’t my real friends – because there was nothing I should feel sad about! None should ever give you such feeling about something you truly love.
It showed me that I should stop to care about them & focus on those who understand & accepted me. Who give me the ability to grow & don’t judge me for who I became. Who love me. These are the important people in life!
Since I changed my point of view I feel soooo much happier & stronger, believe me! I’m able to enjoy the things that I love with people who I love, without getting pulled down by anyone.  (: