The Key To Happiness


I’ve been struggling with being really happy and accepting myself. I saw so many people who seemed to have the perfect life- wishing I could be a little more like them. So I tried to figure out what their key to such a wonderful life was instead of focusing on myself. After a while I realized that it was stupid. I would never be like them. And that’s okay. That’s what makes each person so beautiful: Being oneself, special, individual, different.

We all do have wonderful and horrible moments. We laugh, enjoy, love, cry, are angry… We are part of this planet- that’s the only thing that makes us all the same. Instead of trying to be someone/ figuring out the sense of life and happiness- just live. Enjoy. Be happy with what you’re doing. Be proud of yourself and your “mistakes”. Breathe. Don’t be afraid of what other people may think of you, the only thing that matters is that You enjoy what You‘re doing. Try to make the best out of every second. Of course there won’t be sunshine everyday but you never know who you are inspiring. So try to be the best version of you! Focus on people and things that you love. Love yourself. Let go of negativity and get inspired. I got inspired by veganism and since then I feel like I am just myself and belonging somewhere. I really do feel happy now. Everyone’s key to happiness is different, but everyone’s key to happiness starts with oneself. Happiness starts with You.